Saturday, 28 July 2012

Friday Night!!

Friday night and my typical night in my craft room.  I was on Skype as I am most nights talking to my BFF in Florida!  We usually while we are Skyping are working on some papercraft item or plotting on how to spend more money on glitter, embossing powders, or paper!  I am surprised we are not in the poor house!!!!!  But as always she was helpful as my brain had lost all creativity and she gave me good suggestions.  I have now got to spend the rest of the weekend and next week in my sewing room so that I can finish a very special quilt for my father's 80th birthday!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Quilting Time

Today, I have been in my Paper Crafting room all day playing with paper, glitter, embossing powder and cutting and creating away.  I find it so relaxing and cheaper than therapy!! Well now I have to get off the stick and finish a quilt by next Wednesday...stay tuned for pictures!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My Craft Room

This is a picture of one part my Craft Room where all the creativity happens!  I just cleaned it up but one project later and it is no longer neat..between working on a layout, cards, and trying to print photo's for a memory quilt!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Scrapping with Glitter and Embossing Powder!!!!

Today, I was feeling crafty so I decided to work on a layout of a scrapbook page that I plan on submitting as a candidate for a design team.  I am still playing with the page and working on the second page..but overall I am please with the first page..will tweak it a little tomorrow!

I had fun creating this layout with Dream Fairy stamp set and  glitter and embossing powder purchased from Sparkles and Sprinkles, located in Ruskin, Florida.  Take a look at their website!  Their glitter, embossing powder, and flocking is all the stamps..and I want them all! lol!!!

Update:  I decided to make this a two page layout and play with more glitter and embossing powder that I bought at Sparkle N Sprinkles...I know have glitter in my hair, eyebrows, on my face and all over my craft room...but what would life be without great glitter and some fabulous embossing powder??

Here is a picture of the layout pages side-by-side.